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Special Needs Planning

Taking care of an individual with Special Needs can be a lifelong commitment and perhaps beyond. Caring for a loved one with Special Needs requires careful thought and planning. Though many of the steps are typical estate planning actions, such as preparing a will, establishing powers of attorney and establishing a guardianship where necessary, extra care must be paid to financial arrangements. In particular it is important to make arrangements in a way that helps preserve means-tested benefits such as Medicaid or SSI. With numerous complex state and federal laws that may impact caring for an individual with Special Needs it is important to seek advice from an attorney experienced in this area.

Our organization The Moody Street Group, LLC helps by working with Families, Organizations and Qualified Professionals to foster awareness of strategies to improve quality of life for loved ones who need special care. In particular we have initiated and continue to facilitate workshops on Special Needs Trusts and financial considerations.