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Our Values Based Approach



We use a values based approach to working with clients.  The philosophy is that financial decisions are made at three levels.  The first level is Transactional, were the focus is on features or price of products.  The second level is Process, where the focus is on information such as tax laws and financial models.  The third level is Values, which are the deep seated core beliefs that people have and which serve as compasses for behavior, Values such as Courage, Freedom, Family, Integrity and Responsibility.  While all three of these factors are important in making financial decisions, we know that in the future features and prices of products will change.  We know that information and tax laws will change as well.  However, we believe that Values do not change, only the implementation of these Values as people mature over time.  The theory is that meaningful, lasting, long term decisions are based on deep seated core Values not on just information or the features and prices of products. 


We work with our clients to identify these Values and to determine if their behavior is aligned with what is truly important in their lives, in order to help them work towards life’s goals.  We feel that if financial decisions are Values based, they are more sustainable over the long haul than if made at just the transactional or process level.